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Tony Morrison Presents “Save on Airfare Secrets”

Save on Airfare Secrets by Tony Morrison is an e-book that shows you how to save money on every aspect of traveling. The author, Tony Morrison, is a former airline ticketing agent who knows first hand all of the various tricks and loopholes in the travel industry, thus enabling you to get some massive discounts on airline tickets, hotel stays, rental cars, etc.

In the Save on Airfare Secrets e-Book you’ll learn…

  • The BEST way to buy tickets online
  • How to earn FREE VOUCHERS and discount vouchers for tickets
  • How you can get access to insider and discounted promotion deals
  • Ways to get travel rewards without even flying
  • How you can get a whopping discount on international flights
  • A novel idea on how to buy travel equipment at huge discounts
  • Advice on when you should book your flight 
  • The specific time of day to get huge discounts
  • Insider information to successfully bargain with the travel agent
  • How to use airline pricing experiments to your advantage

Save on Airfare Secrets reveals the ins and outs on how you can save hundreds of dollars off of your airfare tickets. The e-Book includes lots of unexpected bonuses that you can use to obtain discounted hotel rooms, car rentals, and cruises too!

This material is recommended by airfare-now.com and is available from the Save on Airfare Secrets Website.